Attending Post Graduate Graduation day (what is the wisuda word in english?)
Today, November 9 2006 i am attending my cousin graduation day.
She has graduated from the Magister Perencanaan Kota dan Daerah, MPKD
(Magister on City & regional Planning) Architecture Department Gadjah Mada university.

She came with her parent and also her grandpa.
I am accompanying them as a photographer.(he he)
The ceremony begin at 7 AM located in the Grha Sabha Pramana Gadjah Mada University.
415 graduate students from various faculty.
The most graduate from Medical Faculty.

In this event representation from the graduate student deliver a speech, He gave critic
about national education. Especially on the commercialization and privatization on higher-education.

On the contrary, after the speech from student’s representative…our honorable rector of gadjah Mada, Mr. Sofyan deliver a speech about the success of UGM as 100 of best universities of the world. Based on survey conducted by Time Magazine.

He himself cited that cheap education is something impossible if we want to compete other nation.

If we smug with those “Goat-Class” in the world competition, then we won’t need such a high cost for the education.

Emm…we can see that our rector is somehow cynical with the critic.