Focus Group discussion
we were divided into 2 groups, each consist of 4 person.  Each person was given a problem. We must gave a brief presentation about the problem as if we were part of a team in Thiess division.

My problem :
Thiess has a coal site located at East Kalimantan, named Gatotkaca & Arjuna Site. Those site are separated by Jemanu river that always give flood at the specific months of a  year. I acted as a project manager who had to chose the best possible solution for the problem. Project estimation and risk (including socio-political impact was given).

Some of the mechanical question i remembered :

1) Why giving a clearance to a piston?
2) Why using cast iron for the cylinder?
3. Requirement of Fluid for hydraulic system
4. Advantage of hydraulic system
5. — picture—(there’s a pilot valve) explain the mechanism of the system
6. Function of wave and cushion spring
7. TM gear ratio?
8. Part of a planetary gear
9. The advantage of planetary gear
10. what is a driveline?
11. what is a differential?
12. mechanism of a differential : – straight, -in turn
13. the function of lubricating (4)?
14. function of cooling?
15. The function of thermostat in cooling?
16. what is viscosity?
17. The function of Compressible ring and lubricant ring in piston

A calculation problems :
18. calculate productivity and cost per m3 of truck A and B, data given.
19. Purchasing comparation between Jakarta and Australia (price and shipment tax included)