Motorcycle has become a great  part of my life. I grew up with this two wheel vehicle.  If I can divide stages of my life based on motorcycle variant, It may looks like this :

(photos only for refference, taken from many sources)

1. Periode of infant to pre school

Honda 90Z used to take me around my village.

mesin       : silinder tunggal horizontal SOHC kapasitas 89,6 cc

transmisi : manual 4 speed

2. Period of child and elementary school (1987-1994)

Vespa PTS 100

Honda…Legendary astrea prima

3. 90’s

My dad back to sport type… Honda GL Pro, early CDI technology

Mesin         : 145 cc, white engine

Transmisi : 5-speed

4. High School (1998-2000)

my ride when I was a high school student, Kawasaki kaze R

5. College time
I rode GL Pro from my dad, but also sometimes use Honda Karisma

6. Early Working Career
Still rode my GL Pro
& Honda Grand Astrea Impressa
Then I am able to buy my own M/C.. the 3C1…V-ixion !!!