You’ll never knew what might hit you.  In the end… all you can do is just surrender to HIS plan…
It was wednesday evening like any other day. I was riding my motorcycle back home from Bojong after took a commuter bus from Serpong. Weather was fine, no cloud or rain. I was riding at normal speed. It was already nearby my house. I was happy… soon will have a weekend.

But, suddenly in front of me a high speed bike showed up. He was overtaken my riding lane. Oh God i think we will have a collision, I thought.

Then it happened…I heard loud noise…suddenly I i slipped on the asphalt. I heard a screech… It must be my bike sliding.
I was sliding, i can feel my helmet was on the ground…my backpack was covering my back. I was still conscious… i was thinking…what did I bring inside my backpack, do I have laptop? Thank God I didnt bring my wife’s Mac.
Kinda weird, during the fatal crash i am still thinking about laptop.